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Bio/Artist Statement

Murray R. Friedman, M.D.

I was raised in the Midwest and spent most of my professional life as a family physician in Minneapolis. I relocated to Napa, California in 1996 and continued to practice medicine there. In 2004 I moved to San Miguel de Allende in central Mexico. I have always been interested in art and have enjoyed collecting pieces in a variety of mediums for many years. Retirement has given me the opportunity to explore my own creative side.

Abstract work has always been especially appealing to me. Never having been very good with "artspeak" I can only say that for me there is a visceral attraction to certain works. Something inside of me connects with a work of art in a nonverbal way. My paintings are inspired by the works of Joan Mitchell, Willem de Kooning, and Jackson Pollack. My goal is to enable viewers to feel that same visceral attraction when viewing my work. Though I work primarily with acrylic paint I also work with encaustic. Of late I have begun to use dry pigments which offer the most extraordinary intensity!

In my photographic images I try to capture a mood, a feeling, or an emotion. Many times the work has a dreamlike quality to it. My intent no matter whether the subject is statuary, portraits, landscapes or flora, is always to try to convey the essence of the subject. The images taken when traveling are my attempt to let the viewer feel what I was experiencing on the journey.

The Locos collection is portraits of individuals who participated in the 2006 Parade of the Locos. This occurs in June each year in San Miguel de Allende. It takes place at the end of the Easter season, a post Easter Mardi Gras celebration as it were. Approximately ten thousand people fill the streets dressed in elaborate costumes.

Most recently I have been working on a collection entitled "Found surfaces." Photographs are taken of places passed in the course of a typical day. WIth digital editing they are enhanced to create powerful abstract images.

This new adventure has been one of the most personally satisfying endeavors of my life. (Is this not what it is all about?)


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